Reno Auto Detail Services

Pricing for auto detail service at Winner’s Crossing in Reno starts at $50 per service and includes a car wash. Service pricing varies depending on size and condition of vehicle. Read on for info about automotive waxing, comprehensive cleaning and carpet shampoo for your car as well as hand wash for you car that is either too small, too big or two nice for our full service car wash tunnel/

Hand Wax

Hand-applied wax that deep-cleans the paint leaving a high-gloss shine and long lasting protection.


Deep cleans the carpet, removing soils and most stains. The same process can be performed on fabric seats for an additional charge. For this we use a hand held dual orbital scrubber.

Hand Wash

Vehicle is washed by hand. Interior vacuumed, dusted, windows cleaned and tires dressed.

Interior Super Clean

Cleans and treats all plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces inside the vehicle. Cleans the hard-to-reach places like vents and crevices.

We Wash Your Car By Hand

Some of our customers at the Winner’s Crossing Auto Detail Shop need a custom hand wash. If your car is too big, or too small to fit in our full service car wash tunnel, we can wash it in the Auto Detail Shop. We wash and dry your car by hand making sure that everything is taken care of and nothing can be damaged.

Detail Chemicals: Waxes and Cleaners

All of the products that we use in the Auto Detail Shop and the Full Service Car Wash are supplied by Auto Magic. From the vinyl cleaners to the shampoo and waxes, the Auto Magic products are a step above what you can get over the counter at a local automotive supply store.